What We Do

Executive Committee

Consists of Elected Officers and Vice Presidents. The Executive Committee is responsible for approving committee appointments; reviewing the Standing Rules; making recommendations to the PTSA’s Board of Directors and General Membership.

President or Co-Presidents:

A two-year term dedicated to building a strong PTSA team that will remain effective after their tenure ends. Experience with PTSA goals, organization and procedure is an advantage. In the event that two Co-Presidents preside, one Co-President should be beginning a second year as a new Co is elected to ensure continuity. They are active, supportive leaders who preside at all Executive Committee and membership meetings, keep the membership well-informed and focused on the PTSA mission, participate in and encourage others to attend the state PTSA’s leadership training programs. They keep in close contact with school administration to ensure that PTSA’s and school’s goals correspond.

Vice President or Vice Presidents:

The Vice President shall perform the duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve, and shall assist the president when called upon.  In case of a vacancy in the office of president, the first vice president or the vice presidents in their order shall temporarily assume the duties until the vacancy is filled. All Vice Presidents attend monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings and provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.


Attends and keeps minutes at all meetings; submits all approved meeting minutes to Web Administrator to be posted on PTSA website; may be asked to assist with composing and typing outgoing mail; Files and keeps copies of all minutes, correspondence, committee reports, newsletters, meeting notices, meeting agendas, etc.


Keeps accurate financial records of all funds received and disbursed; submits a written monthly report at each PTSA meeting; deposits funds received promptly into the PTSA bank account; pays by check only, all financial obligations of PTSA, as authorized by the Board; preserves all vouchers, receipts, bank statements, canceled checks, etc. to be submitted to the end of year audit committee, or to the Board or general membership, upon request. The Treasurer plays a major role in planning future year’s budget and monitors use of current budget funds.


Board of Directors – Standing Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs

Consists of the Executive Committee and appointed individuals by the Presidents: The Standing Committee Chairs or Co-Chairs each maintain a core area of responsibility, including informing and delegating committee members, obtaining and sharing feedback at PTSA Board of Directors meetings and General Membership meetings.

Chair – Legislative Representative(s):

Keeps track of and informs membership about legislative activity that affects the education and welfare of children and youth. Surveys the membership regarding Washington State PTSA’s legislative priorities for the year; represents Shorecrest at WSPTSA’s annual Legislative Assembly where the legislative platform is voted and adopted for the current year. Attends monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings; provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.

Chair – Communication Committee

Creates the monthly PTSA online newsletter publication, The Scoop; works closely with the PTSA Webmaster and Scoop Graphics Editor; sets and maintains Scoop deadlines; informs school staff, PTSA Committee Chairs and community contacts of publishing deadlines; approves invoices for Webmaster service and/or other relevant expenses. Attends monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings; provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.

Chair – Fundraising Committee

Heads up Fundraising Committee by overseeing Committee members (Pass the Hat, Comedy Night, etc.). Previews annual budget prior to September for yearly planning; ensures all major yearly fundraisers, currently existing as well as any additional, as needed, are planned, organized and staffed with volunteers; approves invoices for relevant expenses. Attends monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings; provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.

Chair – Membership Committee

Heads up Membership Committee by organizing all PTSA membership drives (minimum, 2 per school year); participates in the preparation of Back to School packets; organizes and hosts the Membership Table at all community events held at/inside Shorecrest; supports committee members in maintaining State Membership database; approves invoices for relevant expenses. Attends monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings; provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.

Chair – Grants/Procurement Committee

Provides grant applications to Shorecrest staff in the Fall; reviews applications and presents recommendations to PTSA Board of Directors and Members for consideration. The committee reviews and selects grants based on educational outreach criteria which are then forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval. Committee Chairs shall also facilitate the procurement of items from local businesses that support Teacher and Staff needs, through communication with the Teacher Representative(s) and school Office Administrators.

Family Services Committee:

Activities throughout the year include school wide collection drives, including the Holiday Food Drive to benefit families in need; coordinates closely with both the school Family Advocate, school Activities Coordinator, school Nurse, as well as with The Works, a Shoreline School District PTA resource for year round community support.

Senior Spree Committee:

Heads up Senior Spree Graduation Celebration event by organizing and recruiting committee volunteers; facilitates designated Senior Spree fundraiser(s); approves invoices for relevant expenses. Attends monthly Board Meetings and General Meetings; provides status updates to Executive Committee as well as General Membership as requested.

Shorecrest PTSA Committees

Committees are the method through which the talents and energies of our members are involved, organized and directed into service for the benefit of children. Each committee has been formed to accomplish a specific objective and the existence of each committee stems from a concern or project our PTSA has identified as necessary. The Committee members should endeavor to attend all Board and General PTSA meetings. These committees are (but not limited to) the following:

Membership Processing

Enters new members on the state database. Totals money received and gives totals and checks to Treasurer regularly. Prints remittance form from state website and forwards to Treasurer when membership payments are due; shall provide updated lists of e-mail addresses to PTSA’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Pass the Hat

Plans and executes the PTSA’s main fundraiser of the year at Back To School Night and at other various times throughout the school year; totals money received, records donor information for recognition and gives totals and checks/cash to treasurer.

Staff Appreciation

Plans and facilitates periodic tokens of appreciation to school staff. The two main events of the year are the Staff Back To School Luncheon and the Staff Appreciation Week in May.

Scoop Graphic Editor and Copy Editor

Supports the Communications Committee by proofreading all submitted articles, producing and formatting the Scoop Newsletter (electronic version only) and sending it to the Web Administrator.

Academic Reception

Facilitates Shorecrest’s Academic Awards Reception in May; a two person team organizes refreshments to be served following the ceremony


National PTSA’s annual Arts In Education program. This Committee Chair facilitates the competition at Shorecrest by informing staff and encouraging student participation; organizing volunteer help; collecting entries and finding volunteer judges; organizing a school exhibit of winning entries and forwarding these to the District and State levels.

Golden Acorn/Outstanding Educator

Nominees are sought via PTSA publications, all-member emails, PTSA website and teacher email contact list. Award pins and recognition plaques are ordered from the WSPTSA and are bestowed at a public event such as a General Membership meeting, local district PTSA Awards Banquet, etc. This committee involves nomination gathering and some discrete phone/email work.

Volunteer Coordinator

An invaluable position in our PTSA! Volunteer forms are collected from the PTSA website, PTSA Membership envelopes and any events hosted throughout the school year; information gathered is used to create and maintain a database (for PTSA use ONLY). The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with each Committee Chair to help procure volunteers for specific events as well as possibly to provide food items, etc. for PTSA-sponsored events.

Embrace Shorecrest

Organizes and facilitates activities throughout the school year that promote community involvement around School Beautification, Earth Day, etc.

Shorecrest Site Council Representative

A Site Council parent provides updates on Site Council projects to the PTSA at monthly Board meetings and/or at General Membership meetings.

Community Connections

Works closely with school counselors and community members/businesses to help maintain the student Community Volunteer Hours program.

Kellogg Middle School Representative

A Kellogg PTA parent representative that attends Shorecrest PTSA Board and/or General Meetings to provide pertinent information, and to maintain a close working relationship between both PTA/PTSA’s.

Teacher Representative

Attends PTSA monthly Board Meetings and/or General Meetings to update membership on classroom and academic news.

Shorecrest PTSA Ad-Hoc Committees

Detailed information provided upon request. Valentine Surprise, Hospitality, Math Committee, Friends of Science Committee.