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By now you have indicated whether your student is returning to campus in the hybrid learning option or continuing in online learning, beginning April 26th. We celebrate the opportunity for you to choose what will meet the needs of your student and family. We recognize that there are many factors involved in your decision and want to offer support. Shorecrest PTSA is here for you! Let us know if we can help you find resources or answer any questions. 

Spring is always an exciting time of year, and we anticipate it will be especially true this year as more opportunities to connect become available. Please consider connecting with us. We would love to show you some ways to volunteer to help build our community. Our next general membership meeting is May 4th at 7pm. All are welcome. 

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Julie Wolff
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Want to be a part of the Shorecrest Forefront team? Email Heidi () for more information and read below!


Email Heidi () for more information!

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15 to 20 year old youth in the United States. In Washington alone, two youth die by suicide on average each week. With statistics this high, this topic needs to be amplified.

Forefront Suicide Prevention, a center of experts affiliated with the University of Washington, has been on the leading edge of preventative care. Since it was first implemented in Washington schools, Forefront has led trainings on suicide prevention for parents and faculty, refined the crisis response plan, and expanded the curriculum on student mental health.

Forefront in the Schools couldn’t exist without Parent Trainers. Parents play a significant role in suicide prevention and joining your school’s Forefront team is your chance to do so. This includes working on a team with school leaders and educating others through the Forefront parent training.

The parent training is meant to equip caregivers with an eye for prevention across the community–looking out for our own children as well as their friends, classmates, and neighbors. Knowing what to look for, how to intervene, and where to turn for information and resources are all vital in helping others feel safe and supported.

  • One of the primary roles of a Parent volunteer is to promote and conduct the parent LEARN training. 
    • Two trainings per year,
    • Led by Parent Volunteers at Shorecrest and Shorewood
  • The training developed by Forefront, you will learn the five simple and effective LEARN® steps that empower individuals to help others move in the direction of hope, recovery, and survival.
  • There will be a Forefront team supporting you as well as a curriculum and a script.
  • Experts not needed, just a passion for helping others.
  • Time involvement:  4-5 meetings per year, working with the team of SCHS and SWHS Parent Volunteers and Counselors 

With this opportunity to turn your values into action, as a parent voice, you can spur change.

Answer the call to spread awareness about suicide and join Forefront In The Schools to be a part of transforming, educating, and saving lives.

“My daughter lost a friend to suicide in 7th grade. After attending a FIS parent training, I finally felt educated and empowered. I knew that same experience could help other parents and maybe save a life. I became a FIS parent volunteer and have grown into the role of being a parent voice at my school for these conversations and for advocacy.”         -S.M. Parent FIS Volunteer

Check here for more information about Forefront In the Schools.