Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator Awards

2021 Award nominations due by April 30, 2021

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Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator

Each year Shorecrest PTSA presents a Golden Acorn (or Outstanding Advocate) and an Outstanding Educator award.  The Golden Acorn is awarded to a person who has given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. This is an excellent way to honor PTA members for their contributions to our association, the school, and the community.  The Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an individual who makes significant contributions that enhance the education of children. An educator may be a teacher, specialist, support staff, administrator or community member.

Outstanding Educator and Golden Acorn Awards

2020 Winners

Maija Waugh is a Shoreline kid who went to Syre, Einstein and Shorewood. She has taught at SC for 20 yrs. She is married and a mom to a 6yr old girl. She is committed to her faith and although she loves many things, she feels called to teach. She says, “It’s the best job in the world and I miss it dearly.” Ms. Waugh provides consistently high quality instruction in her classroom. She goes above and beyond year after year. Because of her efforts, students love history and are prepared for the rigors of higher education. Ms. Waugh is also great about establishing a safe classroom environment for all students and being sensitive to students’ needs. Ms. Waugh is organized, clear, kind, creative, smart, and responsive. She deserves to be recognized for the day to day excellence she brings to the classroom.   

Outstanding Educator: Maija Waugh


Beth has been a part of Shoreline School District since her oldest son started Kindergarten at LFP Elementary in the fall of 2004.  He is now a Junior at UW with his own future LFP Dolphin.  She also has a current Freshman and Senior at Shorecrest High School. Beth loves watching her kids swim, play water polo, and perform in the school band.  In her spare time she works as an accountant for non-profits. Beth has served in so many capacities in our school and makes such a contribution to our Shorecrest family. Our PTSA has benefited from her commitment to make important things happen for our school. Beth’s contributions as a volunteer over the last many years are too many to list. She never lets a ball drop, never lets a PTSA commitment fall through the cracks, and she never asks for any recognition for her efforts.

Golden Acorn: Beth Neils



Previous Award Winners

  • 2019
    • Outstanding Educator: Crystal Fresco
    • Outstanding Advocate: Jill Brady
  • 2018
    • Outstanding Educator: Lane Loland
    • Golden Acorn: Jenny Farnam
  • 2017
    • Outstanding Educator: Johanna Phillips
    • Golden Acorn: Alisa Jerauld and Margie Jorgensen
  • 2016
    • Outstanding Educator: Suzanne Monson
    • Golden Acorn: Tammy Bodmer
  • 2015
    • Outstanding Educator: Gabe Martinez
    • Golden Acorn: Kendahl Adjorlolo
  • 2013
    • Outstanding Educator: Marissa Elliott and Stacey Fenton and Stacia Tellefson
    • Golden Acorn: Laura Brewer
  • 2011
    • Outstanding Educator: Emily Slack
    • Golden Acorn: Angelina Hughes
  • 2009 Winners
    • Outstanding Educator: Siri Hulbert
    • Golden Acorn: Mary Jane Goss
  • 2008
    • Outstanding Educators: Vince Santo Pietro and Leann Rozema
    • Golden Acorn: Karen Dixon and Erin Gordon
  • 2007
    • Outstanding Educator: Colleen Kiyonaga
    • Golden Acorn: Cathleen Numata and Sherrill Sparling
  • 2006
    • Outstanding Educator: Maija Alves
    • Golden Acorn: Marlys Pickrell, Cheryl Shdo, and Laurie Boatsman