Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator Awards

Each year in the spring, Shorecrest PTSA honors and recognizes a teacher or staff member who has gone above and beyond in serving Shorecrest students, along with a volunteer who has stepped up in an extraordinary way. 

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners!

Brandy Alley and Brady Grieve are Shorecrest’s 2023 Outstanding Educators! Over 220 students voted and the PTA is thrilled to recognize these two amazing teachers for their dedication to Shorecrest students. 

The 2023 Golden Acorn award for volunteer contributions to the PTA was awarded to Lissy Des Voigne! Lissy has been a long time PTA volunteer and board member and her leadership has truly made a positive impact on Shorecrest. Thank you, Lissy!

Congratulations Brandy, Brady & Lissy!
You are all deserving of this award, and we appreciate you!!

Previous Award Winners

  • 2022
    • Outstanding Educators: Kelli Haines & Ian Powell
    • Golden Acorn: Deci Evans & Deb Harrick
  • 2021
    • Outstanding Educator: Claire Hinman
    • Golden Acorn: Hayley Uhm & Julie Wolff
  • 2020
    • Outstanding Educator: Maija Waugh
    • Outstanding Advocate: Beth Neils
  • 2019
    • Outstanding Educator: Crystal Fresco
    • Outstanding Advocate: Jill Brady
  • 2018
    • Outstanding Educator: Lane Loland
    • Golden Acorn: Jenny Farnam
  • 2017
    • Outstanding Educator: Johanna Phillips
    • Golden Acorn: Alisa Jerauld and Margie Jorgensen
  • 2016
    • Outstanding Educator: Suzanne Monson
    • Golden Acorn: Tammy Bodmer
  • 2015
    • Outstanding Educator: Gabe Martinez
    • Golden Acorn: Kendahl Adjorlolo
  • 2013
    • Outstanding Educator: Marissa Elliott and Stacey Fenton and Stacia Tellefson
    • Golden Acorn: Laura Brewer
  • 2011
    • Outstanding Educator: Emily Slack
    • Golden Acorn: Angelina Hughes
  • 2009 Winners
    • Outstanding Educator: Siri Hulbert
    • Golden Acorn: Mary Jane Goss
  • 2008
    • Outstanding Educators: Vince Santo Pietro and Leann Rozema
    • Golden Acorn: Karen Dixon and Erin Gordon
  • 2007
    • Outstanding Educator: Colleen Kiyonaga
    • Golden Acorn: Cathleen Numata and Sherrill Sparling
  • 2006
    • Outstanding Educator: Maija Alves
    • Golden Acorn: Marlys Pickrell, Cheryl Shdo, and Laurie Boatsman