Who We Are

We are the Shorecrest Parent, Teacher and Student Association your high school branch of National PTSA. As members of the only non-profit organization that directly advocates for the safety, welfare and educational equality of all children and youth, we believe that all kids are everyone’s concern. A school is the heart, soul and future of a community. Today, more than ever before, schools and families need to connect; to support each other in the business of rearing strong, confident, caring and successful young people.

What is PTSA?
National PTSA is the largest independent child advocacy organization in the world. National PTSA’s 6.5 million members are parents, educators, students and other citizens active in their schools and communities, who work to remind our nation of its desire to support children and youth. Your portion of membership service fees enables the National PTSA as well as Shorecrest PTSA to:

  • Support and empower parents, teachers and students.
  • Provide training and educational resources.
  • Keep members aware of all federal legislation impacting children and youth.
  • Provide grants to develop programs, projects and activities to enhance your students’ years at Shorecrest High School as well as nationally.
  • Work with many organizations and businesses in sponsoring award, recognition and scholarship programs.
  • Funding for District student & teacher scholarships
  • Golden Acorn & Outstanding Educator awards
  • Shorecrest family services
  • Valentine’s Day Student Surprise
  • Opportunities for students to acquire leadership skills through community service
  • WASL snacks
  • Activities that promote school & family connection
  • Parenting & educational programs
  • Opportunities to meet the principal and staff
  • The Scoop ( has gone green!! See us at www.shorecrestptsa.org )
  • Shorecrest Student Directory
  • Annual Academic Awards reception
  • Staff Appreciation
  • In-school volunteer help
  • Fun

What is the PTSA Board?
The Shorecrest PTSA Board consists of an Executive Committee plus committee positions appointed according to the Standing Rules. The Board is the main decision-making body of PTSA and should ensure its continuity by planning for its future; establishing and reviewing policies and programs that support PTSA goals and objectives, and by making sure it remains fiscally and legally sound.

What does it do?
The Shorecrest PTSA goals:

  • Understand legislative issues
  • Levy year – understand and pass
  • Membership 60% of staff, 400 members total

Standing Rules
Operating Budget

Everything described here supports students, staff and families. It takes a team effort to do this.

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What is the role of Washington State PTSA?
Washington State PTSA carries out the mission of PTSA at the state level, directly advocating for the safety, welfare and educational equality of all children and youth.
Your portion of the membership fee enables WSPTSA to provide:

  • Representation at statewide meetings of agencies and commissions
  • Leadership training and information on educational and legislative issues to local PTSA units and councils
  • Representation in Olympia through legislative advocacy
  • Newsletter, the Child Advocate, and other informational materials to the membership through local units and councils