First Fundraiser for Senior Spree 2022!

The SPREE online Charleston Wrap fundraiser has begun. Seniors, you can earn 30% of your sales proceeds to cover the cost of your SPREE Ticket. All you need to do is register and send out an electronic notification to friends and family with your specific shopping code. Here is a link to the flyer that will help you get set up (insert link to doc/flyer here). All Items are shipped directly to the customer, so you don’t have to sort or delivery anything. It’s that easy.  SPREE Tickets are going to go on sale very soon for the Early Bird Special price of $125 and will be going up to $145 after the holidays.  This fundraiser ends November 8th.

Incoming Shorecrest Senior Parents!

It’s time to begin planning our Seniors’ SPREE
and we need YOU.

We welcome any Senior parents who are interested in helping make this event a success for our kids. Please consider signing up for one of these positions: Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Chair(s). Consider asking a friend and see if they want to be on the committee too.

If you would like to help and be a part of the fun, please contact Julia Prosser at . The committee is starting to make the magic happen so join in anytime to add your ideas and talents!

We need your help! Spree Committee positions available.

Please do not call the Shorecrest office with Spree questions.
Senior Spree is not an official school event. This event is sponsored by the SC
PTSA and organized by a team of 2022 parent volunteers. If you have any
questions feel free to email the committee at .

Thank you!


What is Senior Spree?
Senior Spree is an all-night party immediately following the graduation ceremony. This party is a fun, memorable, substance-free, and chaperoned event where students participate in a variety of activities, eat great food, and spend one last time with their fellow classmates and friends at an undisclosed secret location!

Why do we organize a Senior Spree?
Sponsored by the Shorecrest PTSA, Spree offers the perfect safe environment for students to continue the celebration of commencement. And, parents do not have to worry where their kids are. By holding an after graduation party that offers food, prizes, and fun as we provide a safe event that celebrates the Class of 2022, while giving Seniors once last opportunity to create lasting memories with their classmates.

Where is Spree?

Sorry, it’s a secret!

When is the 2022 Senior Spree?
Senior Spree begins in the evening following Graduation and ends at 6:00 AM. Attendees will be given instructions prior to Spree of where and when to meet. We recommend all Seniors to be dropped off and picked up at the scheduled times. The PTSA will not be held liable for any cars parked overnight at the meeting point.

Our mission is to have every graduating Senior attend Spree. The Senior Spree Committee has a scholarship fund, made possible through donations, to provide assistance to Seniors who are in need of financial support to attend Spree.

We will gladly accept a donation of any amount to help fund our scholarship requests.